The Healing Empress

Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end

Author Unknown

Hello and welcome!

I’m Shirley Allford, creator of the Mirror Oracle cards. This project of 54 oil on canvas paintings took
around 4yrs to complete. The magic of this oracle deck is that the project was not driven by commercial aspirations but by the love of art and the passion to paint; I only decided on the idea of a set of cards nearer the completion of the paintings. And when the paintings manifested into cards it soon became apparent that my destiny was naturally to give reading from them; to bring clarity to those seeking healing and direction.


Since a teenager (many years ago!) I became aware of the subtle energies within and around me and found that I could channel universal energy through my hands to heal. It was a natural gift that for a long time I did not utilise to its full potential. But after years of self exploration and life lessons I came back to healing; when the time was right. I now do both hands on and distant healing picking up on the subtle energies of the person (or animal!) with clairvoyance, clairsentience and sometimes using psychic surgery. Following the healing I give an oracle reading that mirrors the visions I see and further helps the client navigate through the healing process.

What to expect as the recipient of healing

First of all I would like to say that to give healing is an honour and a privilege as I see into the soul of an individual. I respect the privacy of all who come to me for healing and give humble thanks to be of service to another.
Healing is different for each person depending on their individual needs at that particular time and each person will respond differently. However there are some common themes. Most people will feel a warm sensation during healing and become deeply relaxed to the point where they might fall asleep. Others may see colours or have profound visions but it is always a pleasant (albeit sometimes intense!) experience.
Generally people feel extremely relaxed and calm during and after the session. Over a few days following the session the healing will continue to work through the subtle layers of the aura: the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. In some cases this may bring some uncomfortable
feelings or truths/epiphanies to the surface. This is normal processing and enables outmoded thought or emotional patterns to be released in order to grow spiritually and invite positive changes into your life, to become ever closer to your true authentic self.

Oracle Readings

Directly following the healing I give an oracle reading that will give an overview of your situation
relevant to the healing session. The reading often mirrors the clairvoyance during the healing but also expands on how to navigate through the healing process giving advice on what you might expect in your future from looking at your past and present energies. This gives you a deeper understanding of your situation and what you can work on moving forwards as directed towards your highest path.

House energy clearances

Another field I have been called to work in is in helping trapped spirits move on in the afterlife or clear negative energies from buildings/homes.